What range of nonwoven fabric weight and width are your machines able to produce ?

Their range can be from 150 grams per square meter up to 2,000 grams per square meter. Which is used in range of low weight and thin type are for instance nonwoven fabric to apply on the skin of Automobile Head liners, Rear Package trays etc.
Whereas which is used in range of higher weight and thicker type are for instance nonwoven fabric for Automobile floor carpets, trunk mats, seat back carpets etc.
In addition , the width of nonwoven fabrics can be from 1.25 meters up to 2.00 meters upon customers’ requirement.

What the fabric dyeing or coloring process do you make ?

There are basically 3 types of dyeing or coloring process of fabrics which are
1.Yarn dyeing and then woven or knitted into fabric aspect.
2.Piece dyeing White or natural yarns woven and knitted, then dyeing the whole pieced fabrics.
3.Printing In addition, they could be printed on top surface by pigment printing process too.In case of nonwoven fabrics, it can apply dyed fibers punched by needles into fabric aspect. Alternatively, the white nonwoven fabrics can be whole-piece printed on top too.

What kind of nonwoven fabrics do you produce ?

We specialize in needle punching nonwoven fabrics. We also provide SA felt (Sound absorption) together with its lamination such as latex back coating, LDPE coating, mass backing or PE powdering.

What are your products offered to the market currently ?

There are 3 product categories which are
1.Nonwoven fabrics for automobile interior lining ( Only by needle punching process )
2.Woven and knitted fabrics for automobile seating
3.PU leathers and PVC for automobile seating and interior lining