TCH Suminoe Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of the products for interior lining and seat upholstery in the transportation and interior decoration industries which are woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwoven fabrics in either rolled aspect or cut-to-sized aspect. The product applications are interior lining in a car for instance, Seat fabrics, Door trim fabrics, headliner knitted and nonwoven fabrics, floor carpets , mat carpets, trunk trim nonwoven fabrics.

   In addition, TCH Suminoe Co., Ltd. also supplies for non-automotive textile applications for instance, Geotextiles, Furnitures, Bedding, Footwear felt, Costume&clothes.

   Having been dealing with the qualified raw material suppliers and technology partners , we bring the high quality, good technology, competitive cost and timely deliveries to automobile interior market solutions.